Capital Programs

The Tuscaloosa Housing Authority’s (THA) Capital Programs Department is responsible for the development, financing and modernization of its public housing developments. THA receives funding from HUD annually to administer these programs. In return, the Authority provides reporting to HUD to ensure the funds are utilized in accordance with Federal Regulations. Projects must be identified in the Authority’s Annual and Five-Year Plans and approved by HUD prior to commencement. Most of the Authority’s Capital Funds are dedicated to renovations of its housing stock while other grants are sought to create new housing developments.

Future Projects

In 2019, THA will begin the Phase 2 renovation of Branscomb Apartments which will include an additional nineteen (19) units.

Current Projects

THA is currently (2018) renovating twenty-one (21) units at Branscomb Apartments as part of a Phase 1 renovation of the entire development.

THA is currently (2018) adding a new maintenance building and completing a comprehensive renovation of the Hay Court office.

Previous Projects

In 2017, THA upgraded the electrical systems at Hay Court and completed ADA upgrades at all sites.

In the fall of 2016, THA installed sixty (60) additional parking spaces at Branscomb Apartments.

In 2016, THA also installed a new water distribution system and new roofing at the Hay Court development.

THA completed an exterior renovation at the Crescent East development in 2015. Some of the work items included creating new larger covered front porches, individual off-street parking for all units, landscaping improvements and new siding & brick.

Other previous capital projects include the comprehensive renovations to 96 units at Branscomb Apartments (2010) and 186 units at Hay Court (2006). In both cases renovations included all new plumbing, electrical and heating & cooling systems plus the installation of all new interior materials including drywall systems, windows & doors, kitchen cabinets, counters & appliances, bath fixtures and flooring. Several years of Capital Funding were required to accomplish these renovations.

THA also completed renovations to common buildings, installed new mailbox systems, upgraded central building systems, and constructed additional warehouse spaces for extraordinary maintenance needs.