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What is Section 8 Housing?
What is Section 8 Housing?

Similar to Public Housing, Section 8 rent is based upon the amount of your yearly income. When you qualify, you are given a voucher for a certain amount of rent funding based on your income. Once suitable housing outside our property is found, the apartment or house is inspected to ensure that all housing codes and standards are met. If the landlord agrees to accept the housing voucher, then part of your rent is paid by the Section 8 Program each month as long as you meet income qualifications and Section 8 rules and regulations. The Tuscaloosa Housing Authority currently leases over 1000 units through our Section 8 Program. Section 8 properties can be located anywhere in the city of Tuscaloosa or Tuscaloosa County where a property owner agrees to accept the program.

About Housing Authority

Section 8 is a housing assistance program funded by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The purpose of the Section 8 Program is to provide rental assistance to eligible low- income families.

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