Income Questions

What is considered income?

Annual income is the anticipated total income from all sources received by the head of household and spouse and also by each additional family member who is over 18 years of age and not a full time student. This includes all income derived from assets for the 12 month period following the effective date of verification of income.

Do I have to verify my family's income?
All income must be verified! Some examples of income include wages, social security, supplemental security income, child support, TANF, family support, pensions, etc. If unreported income is found it could result in the termination of housing assistance.
What deductions are allowed?
  • $480 for each member of the family residing in the household who is under 18 years of age, or who is older than 18 and handicapped/ disabled or a full- time student (other than the head of household or spouse).
  • $400 for any elderly couple.
  • Medical expenses in excess of 3% of annual income of any elderly family.
  • Reasonable child care expenses necessary to enable another member of the family to be employed or to further his/ her education.
What is total tenant payment?
Total tenant payment is the highest of the following rounded to the nearest dollar.

  • 30% of monthly adjusted income, or;
  • 10% of gross monthly income, or;
  • A minimum rent established by the Housing Authority in accordance with HUD regulations, or;
  • A flat rent established by the Housing Authority in accordance with HUD regulations.
What is adjusted income?
Adjusted income is annual income less deductions according to HUD regulations.
Do I have to report changes in my family's income?
Yes! Your rent is based on your adjusted family income. You are required to let us know when there is a change in:

  • The source of income (such as TANF to employment, part- time hours to full- time hours etc.).
  • The amount of income such as a salary increase or a raise.
  • The number of people in your family.

Depending on the change, the amount of rent you are required to pay can increase or decrease. If you do not report any changes within 10 days, you may lose your housing assistance.

Rent Questions

How is my rent calculated?
You are charged a monthly rent that is based on 30% of your adjusted income or 10% of your gross household income. Everyone’s rent is calculated in accordance with HUD regulations. In order to move into one of our units, you will be required to sign a written lease. It will show the amount of rent you will be required to pay.
When will my rent be due?
Your rent will be due the first of each month. If you do not pay your rent by the 10th of each month a late fee will be added to your account. If the 10th falls on the weekend or holiday, late charges will not be added until after the first working day following the 10th. Please call your site manager if you have further questions.
How and where will I pay rent?
The Housing Authority will not accept cash. We strongly urge you to pay with a check or money order. You can mail your rent to The Tuscaloosa Housing Authority Post Office Box 2281 Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35403. Please be sure to include the return portion of your billing statement, and write your correct address and account number on the check or money order.
Will my rent be adjusted every year?
Your rent will be adjusted any time your income or family size changes. Your income and family composition will be verified by the Housing Authority at least once a year to determine if there are any changes.
What will happen if I give false or incomplete information?
If you knowingly give us false or incomplete information or answers to questions about your income, family size or other similar matters, the Housing Authority may seek eviction, back charges, or even criminal charges. The information you provide must be truthful and accurate and be kept up to date at all times. Remember, the Housing Authority will verify all of your income with your employers. Be sure to report all changes in income or family size to your site manager within 10 days.

Vehicle Questions

Does the Housing Authority require vehicles to be registered?
No, but all vehicles must have a current license plate with a current registration and be in operating condition to remain on the property.
Where can I park?
The Housing Authority does not assign parking spaces. Please use common courtesy and choose an area near your apartment’s location if possible. Parking is only permitted in the designated parking areas. If you park your car on a sidewalk, in a fire lane, on the grass, or any other undesignated area, your car will be towed at your expense. Please contact you site manager if you have further questions.
Can I wash my vehicle on Housing Authority property?
No, you are not allowed to wash your vehicle on Housing Authority property.
Can I repair my vehicle on Housing Authority property?
No, you are not allowed to make repairs to your vehicle on Housing Authority property.

Housing Keeping Questions

What is considered good housekeeping?
The Housing Authority expects you to keep a clean and orderly home. Good housekeeping not only enhances your homes appearance but also helps prevent fires and keeps insects and other pests away. Some examples of good housekeeping include:

  • Cleaning grease and spilled food or drinks from your oven, countertops and floors immediately after the incident occurs.
  • Keeping your floors, windows, counters, and cabinets clean at all times.
  • Keeping the inside and outside of your refrigerator clean by wiping it down with a damp cloth. Also, remember to throw out outdated food items.
  • Scrub your tub(s), shower(s), and toilet(s) regularly to ensure that they remain clean and sanitary.
  • Throw away your kitchen garbage and other household trash daily.
What will happen if my home is poorly kept?
If your home is dirty, cluttered or otherwise poorly attended, you will be warned and expected to correct the problem immediately. You may also be required to attend special classes to enforce better housekeeping habits. If the problem is not corrected or continues, you may be evicted under the terms of your lease agreement for failure to maintain your unit.
Can I have a pet?
Pets are allowed on a very limited basis. Please call your site manager for more information.

Violation Questions

Why are some residents evicted?
When residents fail to pay rent, destroy Housing Authority property, or violate other terms of their lease agreement, the Housing Authority may seek eviction. There are two types of eviction; a serious lease violation and nonpayment of rent.
What are considered serious lease violations?
Failure to report changes in income or family size accurately and/ or timely, destruction of Housing Authority property, poor housekeeping, fighting, or threatening the health or general well- being of other residents and staff are some examples of serious lease violations and may result in eviction.
What about illegal drug and/ or alcohol abuse?
The Housing Authority will evict any resident who engages in illegal drug use or drug related criminal activity. Residents can also be evicted for alcohol abuse if it adversely affects their neighbors.

Decorating Questions

What kinds of decorating are allowed?
You are welcome to add personal touches to your home; however certain permanent or damaging changes cannot and will not be tolerated. Listed below are some basic guidelines. Please call your site manager to ensure you will be in compliance with Housing Authority rules and regulations.

  • You may put up curtains, use throw rugs, and hang pictures and other decorative items in your apartment. Please remember to decorate with removable materials and fasteners that do not cause serious or permanent damage to any walls, floors, doors, cabinets etc.
  • Use removable strips to attach rugs or carpet to the floors. Permanent floor coverings such as vinyl, carpet or tile are strictly prohibited.
  • Ceiling hooks are not allowed for any reason.
  • Wallpaper is not allowed. Painting is only allowed with written permission from your site manager.


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