Other Local Resources

Other Local Resources

There are many local resources and agencies that offer information and/or services that can assist you. We have created a list to help you determine which resource or agency is suitable for helping you meet your needs. Please keep in mind that this list is not complete. We will continue to add resources and agencies to this list as more information becomes available to us.

  1. www.cspwal.com – This is the site for Community Service Programs of West Alabama. They offer some affordable housing, utility assistance, small business loans, workforce development, childcare management, a head start program for children, and an early intervention program for children. Contact them at (205) 758-4756.
  2. www.temporaryemergencyservice.org – This is the site for Tuscaloosa County’s Temporary Emergency Services.  They provide families in crisis with financial assistance and other aid.
  3. www.redcross.org/alabama/about/chapters/west-alabama – This is the site for the West Alabama Chapter of the American Red Cross.
  4. www.adph.org/tuscaloosa – This is the site for the Tuscaloosa County Health Department.
  5. www.focusonseniorcitizens.org – This is the site for Tuscaloosa’s FOCUS on Senior Citizens Website. FOCUS offers programs and coordinates services that not only involve the elderly in meaningful activities but also assist families who provide care to older members. Contact them at (205) 248-9994.
  6. www.whatleyhealth.org – This is the site for Maude Whatley Health Care. They offer all types of medical and dental services. Contact them at (205) 758-6647.
  7. www.tcpara.org – This is the site for Tuscaloosa County’s Park and Recreation Authority. They offer a wide range of programs and have several different community centers and parks throughout the Tuscaloosa area. Contact them at (205) 562-3220.
  8. www.tuscarts.org – This is the site for the Arts Council of Tuscaloosa. They offer different programs and performances. Contact them at (205) 758-5195.
  9. www.tuscaloosa-library.org – This is the site for the Tuscaloosa Public Library. They offer educational programs to both adults and children. They also have computer labs with high speed internet access. Contact them at (205) 345-5820.
  10. www.sheltonstate.edu – This is the site for Shelton State Community College. They offer free classroom and online GED classes as well as many other adult education opportunities. Contact them at (205) 391-2211.
  11. www.stillman.edu – This is the site for Stillman College. They offer GED and computer classes. Contact them at (205) 349-4240.
  12. www.addictionresource.com/drug-rehab/alabama/ – This site offers a toll free and confidential addiction hotline and resources to assist with various addictions.


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