Rent Questions

How is my rent calculated?

You are charged a monthly rent that is based on 30% of your adjusted income or 10% of your gross household income. Everyone’s rent is calculated in accordance with HUD regulations. In order to move into one of our units, you will be required to sign a written lease. It will show the amount of rent you will be required to pay.

When will my rent be due?

Your rent will be due the first of each month. If you do not pay your rent by the 10th of each month a late fee will be added to your account. If the 10th falls on the weekend or holiday, late charges will not be added until after the first working day following the 10th. Please call your site manager if you have further questions.

How and where will I pay rent?

The Housing Authority will not accept cash. We strongly urge you to pay with a check or money order. You can mail your rent to The Tuscaloosa Housing Authority Post Office Box 2281 Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35403. Please be sure to include the return portion of your billing statement, and write your correct address and account number on the check or money order.

Will my rent be adjusted every year?

Your rent will be adjusted any time your income or family size changes. Your income and family composition will be verified by the Housing Authority at least once a year to determine if there are any changes.

What will happen if I give false or incomplete information?

If you knowingly give us false or incomplete information or answers to questions about your income, family size or other similar matters, the Housing Authority may seek eviction, back charges, or even criminal charges. The information you provide must be truthful and accurate and be kept up to date at all times. Remember, the Housing Authority will verify all of your income with your employers. Be sure to report all changes in income or family size to your site manager within 10 days.