McKenzie Phases I & II

McKenzie Court was THA’s second oldest public housing neighborhood (circa 1952) prior to the decision to revitalize the community.  In 2005, THA was awarded a $20 million HOPE VI Grant from the United States Department of Housing & urban Development (HUD).  THA and development partner, Doug Hollyhand Realty, Inc. leveraged the HOPE VI Funds with two successful rounds of tax credit allocations from the Alabama Housing Finance Authority (AHFA) which provided the additional equity necessary to revitalize the community.

The original McKenzie Court had a series of design flaws which ultimately resulted in the failure of infrastructure systems, foundations, and core building components.  In addition, the units were designed with cinder block interior walls, no central HVAC, and extremely small floor plans making them difficult to rehabilitate.  The original development was also poorly configured using a barracks-style configuration with the idea of constructing the 340 units on the smallest possible footprint.

The new McKenzie Court was completed in two separate phases for a total of 256 units.  The decrease in the number of units addressed the density issue and provided ample room for a variety of green spaces.  The McKenzie Court HOPE VI development was completed in 2010.  To get a better sense of the dramatic impact this revitalization has had on our community please click on the before and after pictures provided below.

For more information on the McKenzie Court HOPE VI Project, to include the History of McKenzie Court, please click here.

The Original McKenzie

The Revitalized McKenzie



McKenzie Phases I & II