Neighborhood Network


HUD created Neighborhood Networks in 1995 to encourage property owners to establish multi-service community learning centers in HUD insured and assisted properties. Neighborhood Networks was one of the first federal initiatives to promote self-sufficiency and help provide computer access to low-income housing communities.

Neighborhood Networks centers help:

  • Improve computer access.
  • Advance literacy.
  • Prepare residents to take advantage of employment opportunities.
  • Provide access to healthcare information and other social services.

Today, in urban centers and rural towns across America, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands, more than 1,100 Neighborhood Networks centers are putting the power of technology in the hands of people. No two Neighborhood Networks centers are alike. With support from innovative public-private partnerships, Neighborhood Networks centers sponsor a range of services and programs. Nearly all centers offer job training and educational opportunities, and many also provide programs that include access to healthcare information and microenterprise development.

If you have any questions concerning The Tuscaloosa Housing Authority’s Network Neighborhood Program, Please call Sidney Brown at (205) 758-6619 Ext. 101 or send her an email

Computer Class Schedule

THA offers free computer classes at each of the 4 existing computer lab locations. We base our curriculum on resident requests and general feedback. We have the ability and the knowledge to teach a wide range of computer skills. We have classes designed for people who have never used a computer. We have more advanced classes for those of you interested in graphic design or web page design. No matter what your skill level, we have a class for you. Please call Sydney Brown at 758-6619 (Ext. 101) for more details.


Neighborhood Network