Kid’s Corner

Welcome to’s Kid’s Corner. The Kid’s Corner is all about having fun playing the latest online computer games. Please be sure to get permission from your parents before playing. Have fun!

Simply click on the underlined link to the website where the game(s) are located. We have included a brief description of the game(s) to help you make your decision.

  1. – This is Nickelodeon’s website. This site offers a bunch of games involving some of your favorite characters like SpongeBob, Jimmy Neutron, and The RugRats. To play the games you will have to get a “NickName” which is free.
  2. – This is The Cartoon Network’s website. Tons of games and a great variety. To play most of these games you do not have to have a username or a password.
  3. – This is Disney’s website. If you like The Power Rangers or Donald Duck then this is the site for you. Fun games and you can play most of them without a username or password.
  4. – This website has a wide range of games and a lot of them are educational! If Math Baseball sounds interesting to you then you will probably enjoy this site. No username or password required.
  5. – This is a great puzzle site, but it also has some arcade, sports, and educational games. No username or password required.
  6. – This site has some great educational games and it lists the games according to age. No username or password required.
  7. – This is The Public Broadcasting Stations website. Great games for younger children that like Sesame Street or Barney. No username or password are required.
  8. – This is Sports Illustrated for Kids website. This is the best place to play sports games. They have a game for just about every sport, even wrestling! No username or password required.


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