Welcome to THA’s Procurement page. The purpose of this section is to provide interested parties with a general introduction on how to do business with THA, and to provide information on upcoming Procurement initiatives, such as Requests for Proposals (RFP’s), Invitations for Bids (IFB’s), and Requests for Qualifications (RFQ’s).

The Procurement Department’s primary responsibility is to procure goods and services for THA. THA purchases a wide variety of goods and services such as office supplies, stoves and refrigerators, various construction items, etc. THA also procures a myriad of professional services, including pest control, legal, and architectural and engineering services.

All Procurement activities comply with HUD (Housing and Urban Development) guidelines.

If you’re interested in doing business with THA please click on the Sign Up for Vendors in the sidebar and complete the fields along with a brief description of the goods and services you wish to provide.  Moving forward, you will be notified via email when opportunities matching your description arise.  Thank you for your interest in doing business with THA!

Below is a list of our current opportunities.  You will be prompted to register prior to downloading a package.  We require registration in an effort to keep track of those who have received packages for the purpose of issuing addendums and supplemental materials, if necessary.

Our Current Opportunities

Business Opportunities
Title Due Date Description Download Files
RFQ-021-001 Procurement of Office Supplies 07-28-2020 The Housing Authority of Tuscaloosa (THA) hereby requests written quotations from qualified firms, to provide office supplies. Written quotations shall be returned no later than 10:00 AM (CST) on July 28, 2020 to the attention of Harold Strachan, Purchasing Manager, at 2117 Jack Warner Parkway Suite 2, Tuscaloosa, AL 35401. Click Here
RFP-020-01 Professional Consulting Services / Administrative Plan Update & HCV Program SOPs 06-08-2020 THA is seeking professional consulting services to update its Administrative Plan and to create comprehensive Housing Choice Voucher Program Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). The updated Administrative Plan and Standard Operating Procedures must be tailored to THA's specific operation and will be developed in collaboration with THA's senior management staff. The Administrative Plan and SOPs will remain the property of the THA. THA will retain the right to change, add and delete content and make unlimited copies for distribution. The Administrative Plan and Standard Operating Procedures will be a desk guide to ensure employees are performing tasks in a uniform and correct manner. The SOPs must include screenshots from the THA's program software as applicable. The SOPs will cross-reference the Administrative Plan. The Administrative Plan and Standard Operating Procedures must address industry best practices and HUD regulations governing the operation of the Housing Choice Voucher Program. The proposal must be in a sealed envelope and contain one (1) written proposal and one (1) digital copy (preferably a USB jump drive) of the proposal (including required documents and forms), in PDF format, shall be returned no later than 10:00AM CST on March 30, 2020 to the attention of Harold Strachan, Purchasing Manager, at the address listed below: Tuscaloosa Housing Authority 2117 Jack Warner Parkway, Suite 2 Tuscaloosa, AL 35401 All proposals must be marked “RFP-020-01 Professional Consulting Services/ Administrative Plan Update & HCV Program SOPs”, with the name of the business, street address, e-mail address, and phone number on the outside of the envelope. Any offer that is not marked accordingly, or that does not contain both a written and digital copy, may be rejected. Click Here