8 Steps to Receiving Housing Assistance

Step 1: Fill out an application.
Come to our main office at Rosedale Court and fill out an application for Section 8 Program. If eligible, your family will be placed on a waiting list.

Step 2: The Housing Authority determines your family’s eligibility.
Your family is selected from a waiting list and income and household composition is reviewed to determine final eligibility.

Step 3: Voucher is issued.
When your family is determined eligible for the program and funding is available, the Housing Authority issues you a Housing Choice Voucher. Your family will receive the voucher at a scheduled tenant briefing.

Step 4: Your family must decide where to live.
Your family must locate a housing unit that meets the program specifications. That can be where you live now or a totally different unit. The Housing Authority can help in some ways, but the primary responsibility for finding a suitable unit to rent is yours. Your family has 60 days to locate a suitable unit.

Step 5: The owner approves your family.
Even though your family is determined by the Housing Authority to be eligible for the program, the owner must approve your family as a suitable renter. The Housing Authority knows that the owner has approved your family when a Request for Lease Approval Form is submitted by the owner.

Step 6: The Housing Authority approves the lease and unit.
After your family finds a suitable housing unit and the owner approves your family, the Housing Authority needs to determine if the unit qualifies for the Section 8 Program. This includes a Housing Quality Standards inspection.

Step 7: The Contract and Lease are signed.
If the lease and the unit are satisfactory, the Housing Authority will enter into a Contract with the owner, and your family will enter into a lease with the owner.

Step 8: Housing Assistance Payments are made.
After the Housing Assistance Payment Contract and Lease are signed, the Housing Authority makes the initial payment and continues to make monthly payments to the owner as long as your family continues to make monthly payments to the owner as long as your family continues to meet eligibility criteria and the housing unit qualifies under the program.